Thursday, 31 March 2016

Laser Hair Removal Emerging As an Inevitable Necessity Among Men

 laser hair removal for men

As you know,hair removal is strictly a women thing. Even men never show their concern about excess hair unless it starts irritating them. However, there has been a settle change in the trend nowadays, with men getting equally conscious about the excess hair on their body.

Know more about hair removal technique

Many products are available for hair removal like shaving and waxing kits. Laser technique for hair removal is also quite popular for men since it changes the way hair grows. It is a process of removing extra hair by laser light beam that destroys hair roots saving the glands, so another hair can grow but after a long time. The treatment can also lighten the dark color hair.

Melanin, the main reason for dark hair, finds its usage as a supporter to carry laser beam through the skin that heats up the skin, and removes the extra hair. It is a painless process as comparison to waxing and shaving.

Common areas for hair growth that require removal treatment
  • Chests
  • Back
  • Arms and Under arms
  • Chin
  • Jaw line
  • Half and Full face
  • Abdomen
  • Legs

Why it is necessary for men?
  • Laser hair removal is necessary for those men who have excess hair on their back, on their thighs and ears.
  • Some men have joint eyebrows, which catches the attention.
  • You have tight schedule and you do not get time to shave your beard, so laser hair removal for men is best solution for men, which saves their time.
  • Many men choose professions like dancing, swimming, gymnastics, fashion modeling, etc that require hair removal from their body.

Different types of Laser machines

With day-by-day change in modern technology, laser machines are also available in different types-
  • Ruby laser hair removal machine: This is oldest hair removal laser, emits short wavelength that absorbs high melanin. It shows effective results on fine hair and recommended for fair and light skin type. 
  • Alexandrite laser machine: different from ruby laser, it is suitable for all type of skins and can treat large areas of skin.
  • Diode laser: Diode lasers are very commonly in use. This laser machine is mainly for fair to medium skin type. It is a combination of both ruby and alexandrite laser machines with emission of short wavelength laser rays.
  • YAG laser This technique is for darker skin type.

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