Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Weight Loss: What is the Bio-Medical Approach?

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The most apparent implication of the modern life is obesity. It occurrence is so common that WHO has given it a status of epidemic in the western world. As overweight or obesity is linked to a number of medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and hypertension, it has become more important than ever for citizens of the US to consider medical weight loss.

A myriad of reasons has led to this epidemic of obesity; however, the most significant is the inclusion of the fast foods in our dietary habits along with inactive lifestyle. The medical weight loss center, as well as the professionals involved focus on containing these two habits.

What does medical science say about weight control?

A center for medical weight loss usually recommends a diet that has low carbohydrate content and active lifestyle, which involves light workout. It is noted that individuals who limit their carbohydrate intake and expend some energy by exercise lose substantial weight in a six months or so. A low carbohydrate diet fares better than calories and low fat diet, which are advised by non-medical weight loss professionals.

How does high carbohydrate intake result into weight gain?

The fast food which has become a staple for a large number of the US citizens consists of high amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates lead to weight gain because its intake can lead to high blood sugar—sugar is the building unit of carbohydrates—that pushes pancreas to release more insulin, which have bad effects on body. One, it makes body to convert sugar into fat and store it; second, the body does utilize fat already stored, this two effects accumulate into gaining weight.

This is the most common reason for people to gain weight even after following diets. It is recommended to contact a medical weight loss center, if you are considering weight loss, as ill-planned dieting can lead to physiological problems.

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