Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Things You Need to Know Before and After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

 permanent facial hair removal

Given the effectiveness of the laser for hair removal, it is no surprise that the procedure is the most sought after one. Usually, the age group from 19 to 45 years old takes advantage of laser hair removal, frequently. There is a rise of 30 percent who sought laser procedure from the previous year.

The popularity of laser hair removal is self-explanatory; it is safest way for permanent facial hair removal. The procedure is not invasive, and uses highly concentrated light in the form of beam selectively destroy hair follicles; the beam is absorbed by a pigment, melanin.

Moreover, its earlier limitation, when it was only effective on dark hairs on light skin, has been ironed out. There is newer technology that works on patients who have a range of complexions and hair colors. orbed by a pigment, melanin.

However, there are number of things you have to care about before and after the procedure. 

Precautions’ before the appointment: 
  • You have to stay out of sun, four weeks, before getting the treatment. Tanned and sunburned skin is not appropriate for the procedure.
  • Not everybody’s skin reacts the same way to the laser; therefore, dermatologist will give you a test patch to see how it goes.
  • You need hair follicles for this procedure, therefore, you cannot have other hair removing procedures, like waxing and shave.
  • If you are consuming anti-biotic medication, you have to wait for your procedure.

Precautions’ after the appointment:
  • Lasered region is vulnerable, therefore, it is to be protected from the direct sunlight.
  • You need to avoid hot showers, steam rooms and sauna for 24-48 hours.
  • You must avoid make up for at least a day after the treatment.
  • Use sunscreen. 

All these precautions help you to get the best results. We did not discuss other precautions, as dermatologists for patients, depending on the type of skin, provide.

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